The Struggle is Real

Wow, there is so much happening right now. James and I are going to buy a house next year. Which scares the heck out of me, but probably not for the reasons you might think. I have been painting like crazy working on several projects at once. I am working on my first series and it is going awesome! I am pleased with my ideas, and how they are coming to life.  We are getting organized and getting the things we need. Today I donated some books, and James bought himself a cabinet to put his laptop on and store various items. Everything is truly amazing, and coming along nicely. God is good and faithful. He takes great care of me, and I am grateful everyday. It seems silly , the things I worry about. My life is so good, I am so happy. I still have worry, which is the opposite of faith, I know.. I worry about things I shouldn’t as we all do. That is the struggle isn’t it? Trusting God, He has not let me down yet. I will overcome my worry, and my struggles that need improvement. God uses Rich Mullins music to remind me of His love, and His promises to me. I have this song in my heart today.