I Started School in 1984

My very first teacher was Mrs Muenster. No kidding. Mrs. Muenster she was a kind older lady with grey hair and glasses. I learned she had a hearing aid, one day while she was hugging me goodbye. The beep startled me, so she politely smiled as she took a small piece of flesh colored plastic from her ear and explained what I had just heard. I remember having a crush on a little boy named Jeff, he was a twin. I remember he and his brother screaming for their parents as they dropped them off the first day. We were in a portable, so outside was literally out the front or back door. I remember there being a little kitchenette play set that we were never really allowed to play with, and I for some reason got the impression that it was in some way biologically dirty. You know what is weird? Thinking back on it the room we were in was very well lit on one side, and really dull, and bronze on the other. We spent most of our time on the dark side. I  only have one memory from the bright side and that is taking a standardized test for the first time in my life. Hmm.. conspiracy?  I wouldn’t doubt it. Another memory I have is being left out of recess, because I hadn’t colored in all the circles that I had drawn on a piece of paper. I remember hearing them playing my favorite game “red rover, red rover let Jill come on over” man was I bummed. The craziest thing that I remember was the teacher holding the door open to talk to someone outside. One of the girls in my class was looking through the hinges of the door; she also had her fingers in the gap between the door and the wall. I’m sure you can guess what happens from there. I remember seeing blood splatter on my classmates glasses from the door closing on her fingers. It was like a horror movie. That was kindergarten.


First grade I had a teacher named Mrs. Rhodes. She had a big gummy smile that was unlike any I had ever seen in limited experience with people at that age. That is the image I have of her is her greeting me with a huge smile. I remember on the first day of school I was sitting at my desk and there was one girl sitting next to me then the next thing I knew there was a different girl that had the same side ponytail only this time with brown hair. Seems a little The Truman Show-ish to me now. The two girls were not related, and they both had interesting last names. Funk and Hogg. The blonde one of the two and I would go on to be BFF almost through high school. The other thing that I remember is going to the dentist and getting a prize out of the treasure chest. It was a ring with a rooster on it. I went back to school after the appointment only to lose the ring at recess. Everyone looked for it but we did not find it. I was disappointed. The next day when I was putting my jacket away in my in room locker there was a small purple coin purse inside. A gift no doubt from my teacher. I still have that coin purse.


Second grade I started the school year with a teacher names Mrs. Jones. At some point during the year she left and a lady named Ms. Seal was our teacher, then she got married and became Mrs. Ruiz. I remember her playing a game with us where she gave us all lollipops and the game was you couldn’t touch the stick or take it out of your mouth. I realize now that she was just trying to keep us quiet till the bell rang. One day we made pinwheels. We literally put a pin through some paper and then through a straw and then covered the sharp end of the pin with a small ball of putty. At the end of the day I put my pinwheel in my duffel bag. While we were waiting to be release I crossed my arms and then set them on the duffel bag in front of me. Next thing I know blood just shoots out near me. I had no idea what had happened. I didn’t feel a thing but it turns out the putty had slipped off my pinwheel and when I laid my arms down the pin poked me in my left arm. I still somehow have a small scar where it pierced me. I remember being so amazed that I didn’t feel it because I didn’t see it happen.