A thought in my day.

There are things you must do everyday in order to maintain oneself. We mustn’t neglect the body. It is amazing . Working 24 hours a day for your whole life. It just takes one malfunction and you cease to exist. Yet we somehow are free to live without care. Abusing the very machine that gives us life, function. The body decides who stays and who goes. Oooohhh. I admit I don’t think that much about what I am putting into this immaculate machine made of dirt. My very existence is a miracle. Two cells, the largest from my mother , and the smallest cell in my father came together, and created me, I. Here I am , for better or worse. Making sense of the world around me one day at a time. With so much time and so little to do it is no wonder we forget about ourselves. I started drinking lemon water last night , and again this morning. I took my lunch to work. I ate breakfast yesterday and today. I’m working on getting out more, Saturday I have a date. Cheers!


Originally published Apr 27, 2016 @ 02:19