A few weeks ago I started reading a book by Napoleon Hill titled Think and Grow Rich.  One of the first exercises in the book is to create a mantra that you will say everyday in the morning and before bed. My mantra has been ” I will make 45,000 / year by making and selling art.” For weeks I have said this morning and night. In addition I have been making all kinds of new art pieces. The great thing about the mantra is it keeps me focused. It also has the ability to weed out ideas you may have on how you want to be successful. For instance if you think you love mowing lawns and your mantra is ” I will make  150,000/ year mowing lawns.”.  Once you started working towards that goal you may discover you are allergic to grass.

I started thinking today that maybe I don’t want to make art for money. Maybe it is too much pressure and marketing for me. As I sit here and write this I am realizing that I am going to make art regardless. It is what I do. I can’t stop. I do take breaks from time to time but eventually I must create again. I am also realizing that I need to take the next step with the piece I have created.  I need photographs taken to make merchandise. I have to contact galleries that have hosted my art in the past and I need to set up an art show.  All achievable goals.  I am refocused and I believe that I will make 45,000/ year by making, marketing and selling my art.