Do you like your job?

I have noticed a pattern of behavior with people. So, anytime I tell someone that I am interviewing for a new position their first question is “Do you not like your job?” or “I thought you liked your job”. I have been responding to this inquiry with all of the things that I don’t like about whatever position  I am in because I feel that is what is expected. The negative.

I had a revelation today. It is not that I don’t like my job. I usually do “like” my job but I am always pursuing new things trying to learn more, and challenge myself professionally and personally. So it is not so much that I “don’t like my job” as it is maybe it just doesn’t suit my needs.  I am going to stop sounding like I am complaining about my job when I choose to move on and start responding honestly. The truth is my current position just is not challenging to me and I don’t have a lot of things to do once I complete all of my tasks. Also I don’t get to interact with people very much. The phone only rings maybe 3-4 times in a 9.5 hour shift, and half of the time they are automated calls. Also it is very part-time and I have goals in my life. James and I are going to get married and we want to buy a house, so I want to help make that dream come true for us. I can’t do that making $300/ week.  That is the bottom line. I do “like” my job but I can do better, I can do more for a company and make more money. So why wouldn’t I want to do that?  Why would I stay in a position where I am not really able to grow or increase my income? The career I am interviewing for now has room for growth, it is full time and has benefits! I haven’t had a job with benefits in years! Paid holiday. What is that? I am about to find out. On Monday the hiring manager will be calling my references, and then I will be asked back for a second  interview. If all goes well I should be putting my notice in by the end of the week .