About Bianca Torres

5 year old Bianca extravagantly creating

Big Medium Art Swap 7.9.16 Photo Credit to Annie’s artist look book.

Hi I’m Bianca and I love art. Over the past three years, I have faithfully put my time and creative energy into my paintings and drawings. My finished work is printed and fashioned into a collage on 4×4 tiles and sold as unique coasters. It’s two for one; art with purpose! In addition to the coasters, I make a wide variety of individual and functional art pieces, including magnets, stickers, postcards, and designed candles and jars. Until now, my coasters were only available at art vending events. As of today, my handmade coasters are available at
Art For The People Gallery on South 1st Street, and The Blue Cat Cafe on Cesar Chavez Street, both in Austin, Texas. Please check my calendar for upcoming events. Hope to hear from you soon!

You can view my Raw Artist Profile here.

Buy limited runs of my artwork here.