God is Good and His mercy Endures Forever

Sigh. So the last couple of days have been insane. Our toilet clogged, and flooded our bathroom, and hallway, so the carpet had to come up, and there is tile with asbestos underneath, joy. Our landlord told us that we would have to move because of the renovations that need to be made to our current house. I started packing up and contacted a realtor to help us locate a place. Then the landlord said, no stay and then no move asap. So, we have to move by the 21st. I found us the PERFECT place, and we are currently just waiting on the call from the man who took our applications. God has been involved in this from start to finish. If we hadn’t had the flood then we wouldn’t be available to move into the great new place now. The lesson, and our mantra even before all of this is Count it ALL JOY! I love you Lord, and I am amazed by you everyday.

Update: So this is NOT how I feel 5 days later. Today I am anxious. I’m as the guy says in Super Troopers “I’m freaking out man”. So last Wednesday we put in an application on the aforementioned “PERFECT place”. We still have yet to hear from the man whom we paid $100 in exchange for processing of our application. We have to move in now 6 days, and we have yet to sign a lease, so that we can then rent a truck, move the utilities etc. This is waay out of my comfort zone.  I do not operate like this. I get stuff done ASAP. No joking around I would like to retreat, to sleep until it is all over and done with. Although doing so will not bring comfort or peace so I will occupy my time with something more productive.